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Criminal Appeals & Post-Conviction Matters

If a person or corporation is convicted of a crime in state or federal court, they can appeal that conviction directly to the appeals court. Beyond direct appeals, a client may be able to challenge convictions by filing motions to vacate or new trial. As there are specific time requirements that must be met, it is essential to retain a lawyer experienced in such matters immediately after a conviction. Our office has over twenty years of experience successfully litigating such cases in all appellate and trial courts throughout Massachusetts. The following are examples of cases defended by our office:

  • Federal conviction for conspiracy reversed when First Circuit Court of Appeals agreed that prosecutor's closing argument was improper and prejudicial.

  • Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals reversed U.S. District Court's dismissal of habeas petition and ordered rehearing.

  • Massachusetts Appeals Court reversed trial court's denial of Motion for a New Trial based upon newly discovered exculpatory evidence and remanded for full hearing.

  • Brothers' conviction for fifteen year minimum mandatory felony vacated as court agreed that their jury waiver was constitutionally defective.

  • Felony conviction for executive vacated twenty years later based upon ineffective assistance of counsel. Client, who was married and had three chidren, avoided deportation.

  • Marijuana distribution conviction vacated and client, who had lived in United States since he was six, avoided deportation.

  • Marijuana distribution conviction vacated and client avoided fifteen year federal sentence as he was no longer considered a career offender or subsequent offender.

  • Twenty year old OUI conviction vacated so that his present conviction was considered his first because of a statutory technicality.

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