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Narcotics Violations

Drug crimes often carry excessive penalties both in state and federal courts throughout the nation. In federal court, prosecutors harness the powers of conspiracy stautes and career criminal guidelines to impose the greatest possible penalties on defendants accused of narcotics violations. In state court prosecuters make comparable use of minimum mandatory penalties and joint venture law for drug cases. Given the complexities of these cases and the severe consequences to those accused, it is essential that you hire an experienced in this practice area.

Attorney James Budreau has tried and won drug cases in both federal and state courts in Massachusettts and throughout New England. He has reversed or vacated numerous drug convictons before the First Circuit Court of Appeals, the Massachusetts appeals court and various trial courts. The following are examples of drug cases that Mr. Budreau has defended:

  • Script writer for Miami Vice, who was accused of trafficking over a kilo of cocaine, acquitted after jury trial. Proved to a jury that the client was falsely accused by his business partner.
  • Client acquitted of fifteen year minimum mandatory drug offense based upon the Thin Blue Line defense. Client had been arrested standing over a kilo of cocaine after police broke into his house.
  • Businessman acquitted by federal jury of importing thousands of kilos of marijuana from Canada and using his business to launder almost a million dollars in illegal proceeds. Over a dozen cooperating informants and undercover government agents testified against the client.
  • Client was acquitted by federal jury of drug charge which would have required a life sentence if convicted.
  • Federal case dismissed against Martha Vineyard businessman accused of distributing thousands of kilos of marijuana based upon statute of limitations violation.
  • Reversed federal conviction of man carrying breifcase containing kilos of heroin based upon improper closing argument by prosecutor.
  • Vacated convictions of brothers, who had been given 15 year minimum mandatory sentences in state court, based upon defective jury waiver.
  • Convinced federal court judge to reduce client's federal guideline sentence from 98 months to a year and a day at a community corrections facility based upon rehabilitation argument.
  • Vacated federal client's state conviction for marijuana distribution which disqualified him as a career offender and reduced his guidelines from 188 months to 78 months. Then convinced judge to sentence client to time served based upon rehabilitation.
  • Convinced federal court judge to sentence client to time served who was facing 70 months for distribution based upon related gambling addiction.
  • Federal jury refused to convict client accused of participating in the largest cocaine conspiracy ever brought in the Massachusetts federal court. The case involved the distribution of over 2000 pounds of cocaine over a five year period.
  • Suppressed illegal stop which resulted in client's case, charging him with distribution of over 300 kilos of drugs, being dismissed and the return of over $100,000 in cash and assets to client.

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    Federal rules of evidence and procedure are exceptionally technical and can trip up the most experienced state court practitioner. Attorney James Budreau has spent thousands of hours preparing and trying federal cases and has won acquittals for clients faced with challenging evidence.
    The nuances of federal sentencing requires a lawyer who is not only experienced in federal court and technically proficient with the U.S. Guidelines, but who is also persuasive, prepared and persistent. Mr. Budreau has zealously represented well over a hundred clients at sentencing hearings in federal court over two decades.
    Minimum mandatory sentencing forces many drug cases to trial. Mr. Budreau has won numerous trafficking cases at trial, convinced judges to dismiss indictments on technical grounds and vacated scores of convictions for clients facing enhanced federal penalties or immigration consequences.
    Crawford, Melendez Diaz, Padilla and other cases have opened a panoply of grounds for reversal and other post conviction relief. Attorney Budreau has reversed scores of federal and state convictions over the last twenty years both by keeping current on the legal trends and advancing new legal theories himself.