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Cyber and Financial Crimes

Computer crimes are the source of most criminal investigations in federal court today. Whether the case involves traditional computer forensics, video analysis or complex financial transactions, it is essential to have a team of lawyers, experts and investigators who are experienced in the analytics of this world. Computers and their progeny such as cell phones, gps, bank transfers, etc. create markers that can establish a forensic trail or potential defense that can be used to the benefit of clients. Whether this involves an alibi, an attack on the underlying science or establishes the deficiencies of an investigation, cyber and high tech investigations have become an essential tool in the defense of any criminal allegation. Consequently, it is essential that clients hire a law firm that is both skilled and at the forefront of this area of science.

The Law Office of James Budreau has extensive experience with cyber, hi-tech and financial criminal investigations. The following are examples of cases where Mr. Budreau has used technology and forensic investigative tools to his client's benefit::

*Financial analysis in fraud case involving fifty million dollar tax loss.

*Cyber investigation to determine contents and access time for certain files

*Cyber investigation to determine viability of password crytology software

*Cellphone triangulation analysis in murder prosecution

*Use of false computer markers to avoid detection by third party culprit

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