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Criminal Defense

Law Office of James Budreau offers representation at all stages of criminal cases. The following is a summary of the types of cases and representation offered:

Federal Court Representation

Federal Court is hyper technical and it is necessary to have an experienced practioner at your side. Represent clients at all critical stages including: pre-trial investigatory stage, detention and bail hearings, pre-trial discovery and investigations, trial, plea negotiations, sentencings and appeals. Employ nationally-renowned forensic experts at every stage when necessary. Represent clients in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine and Vermont. Extensive experience in federal trial and appellate cases including complex business crimes, computer fraud and identity theft, money laundering, Patriot Act violations, mortgage and bank fraud, financial kickback schemes and security fraud, criminal syndicate conspiracies, narcotic conspiracies, RICO and HOBBS Act violations, felons in possession, gaming crimes and immigration violations.

State Court Representation

Represent clients at all levels and all courts in Massachusetts. Extensive experience in complex state criminal litigation and appeals including homicide and manslaughter, sex crimes, financial crimes, narcotic violations, computer fraud, identity theft and professional misfeasance. Decades of experience in the district courts litigating OUI's, narcotic violations, assault and battery, domestic assault, larceny, uttering and other serious misdemeanors.

Grand Jury Representation and Strategic Advice

This includes advising clients about the legal issues faced both by corporations and individuals who are either the target or entity of interest in a grand jury investigation. Motions to quash subpoenas filed, cutting-edge Fifth and Fourth Amendment analysis employed. Advise when production of documents is necessary or protected from compulsion. Internal investigations conducted and exposures mitigated.

Pre-Indictment Strategy and Investigation

Provide advice to individuals and corporations about how best to negotiate issues relating to pre-indictment investigations. This includes internal investigations, pre-indictment negotiations and resolution, mitigation analysis, advice on collateral regulatory consequences, public relations tactics and grand jury preparation.

Collateral Regulatory Investigations

Licensed and heavily regulated industries are faced with a unique set of issues when under investigation for criminal conduct or regulatory violations that may have criminal implications. Provide advice for those situations and can participate in the regulatory process to ensure that client's understand the consequences of certain decisions when a collateral criminal investigation is or could be under way.

Appeals and Post-Conviction

Represent clients at all phases in post-conviction matters. Extensive experience in appeals of convictions in state and federal court. Appealed cases involving convictions of business, financial and security related violations, perjury, narcotic violations, homicide, sex crimes and other serious felonies in Massachusetts federal and state courts and throughout the country. Regularly litigate Motions for a New Trial in state court and habeas petitions in federal court.

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