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Mortgage Fraud

Indictments for mortgage fraud in Massachusetts and throughout the country are on the increase. Federal prosecutors are targeting developers and investors where there is a significant experience of foreclosure rates and failed condominium complexes. Prosecutors are scrutinizing the sales tactics and the closing papers to determine if any false representations have been made at any step of the marketing and purchase process.

Prosecutions for mortgage fraud can fall into a number of subgroupings. These range from allegations of traditional bank fraud (i.e., material misrepresentations made to a bank who is providing the mortgage) and wire or mail fraud (transmission of material misrepresentations by computer, telephone, fax, mail, etc.) to complex conspiracies involving straw buyers and money laundering.

While ignorance of the law is not a defense, ignorance of wrongdoing is. Often financial crimes are perpetrated by third parties without the knowledge of the accused. Mistakes of fact or inaccurate advice from a licensed professional may also constitute a defense depending upon the circumstances. In federal court, such defenses are usually rebutted by the prosecutor with a willful blindness instruction. In other words, a defendant who is faced with evidence that he (or she) is involved in an illegal scheme, cannot stick his head in the sand and purposefully remain ignorant of the illegality.

Mr. Budreau regularly represents clients accused of financial crimes including mortgage fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, embezzlement and tax evasion. Press here to review some of the cases defended by Mr. Budreau.

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