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State Felonies

State Court Practice

State court felonies include homicide, arson, rape, buglary, armed robbery, assault and battery and financial crimes such as embezzlement, theft and fraud. James Budreau has over twenty years of experience successfully litigating such cases in the Massachusetts Superior Court. Has consistently persuaded juries of clients' innocence and convinced judges or prosecutors to dismiss charges in case after case. Won dozens of cases including multiple not guilty verdicts in first degree murder cases and other major felonies.

Cutting edge forensics, dogged investigations and innovative legal strategies are the hallmark of success in the courtroom. Spend thousands of hours preparing and investigating criminal cases every year to ensure that each client has the edge in the courtroom. Reputation for quality representation is built on persistence, preparation and his ability to persuade judges and juries alike.

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    Litigated over twenty homicide cases and obtained multiple acquittals, dismissals and charge reductions in the last ten years. Won two separate first degree murder trials four years apart for the same client.
    Each client's legal needs and goals are unique. Applies cutting-edge legal analysis and forensic tools to address each client's unique situation for the best possible outcome. Significant experience with cutting edge technologies and forensics investigations including: DNA, pathology, psychiatrists, financial analysis and accounting, computers, video, cell phone and gps technology, arson, vehicular, ballistic, meteorology etc.
    Success is not just about finding the right legal precedent, but how to apply it to each client's needs. Years of experience in courtroom tactics and persuading juries and judges on fundamental and complex legal issues.