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Federal Criminal Defense

Federal practice requires criminal lawyers with an expertise in federal law. The skills of the best criminal lawyers is of little consequence if they lack experience in the federal system. James Budreau has handled hundreds of federal cases including some of the most complex and largest mortgae and bank fraud cases brought in Massachusetts.

The federal court system requires expertise with the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, federal evidence and the complex nature of the the federal stautory scheme. Unlike many state criminal law practioners, James Budreau has over twenty years of experience trying and litigating complex federal cases throughout the east Coast including Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, Florida and Maine.

Ignoring the signs that a criminal investigation has been initiated can have catastrophic consequences to both the reputation and viability of your business or your future. A sound investment is engaging an experienced federal practioner to intervene, provide advice and assess options before the damage is done.

Our twenty years of experience includes defending clients in the following areas of federal defense:

*Health Care Fraud * Tax Evasion * Mortgage Fraud * SEC Violations*Corporate Kickbacks and Fraud * Transaction Reporting Violations * Public Corruption* *Cyber Crimes * Bank Fraud* Independent Contractor Violations *

* Patriot Act * Hobbs Act Violations * CCE Indictments* Narcotics Conspiracies * * Sec. 851 Notices * Sec. 924 Violations * Bank Robbery * Extortion * Overseas Business Practice Violations* Interstate Criminal Violations* Canadian Citizens* *International Treaty Transfers*

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    Whether fighting the United States government, large banks or conglomerates, Jim has consistently won verdicts or resolved cases to his clients advantage in federal court.
    Federal court requires a criminal defense lawyer with experience with the U.S. Guidelines, federal evidence and complex stautory scheme of federal court. Jim has both this experience and success as a federal trial and appellate lawyer.
    Success is not just about finding the right legal precedent, but how to apply it to each client's needs. Jim has years of experience in courtroom tactics and persuading juries and judges on fundamental and complex legal issues.