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State Court Results

James Budreau has practiced in the Massachusetts State Court system of twenty years. Here are some examples of cases he has defended.

  • Acquitted of first degree murder by jury in case where client accused of driveby shooting. Multiple witnesses identified defendant as driver of car.

  • Client acquitted of first degree murder by jury in stabbing after being chased by "victim" in early morning hours. defense centered on forensics attack on pathology report.

  • Client acquitted of armed robbery and first degree murder by jury. Two witnesses identified client as shooter. Mistaken identification defense used.

  • Client acquitted of receiving stolen goods and possession of handgun after shootout which left him in critical condition. Client was found at scene with gun in his hand. Thin Blue Line defense used.

  • Jury acquitted client of trafficking drugs which would have required a fifteen year minimum mandatory sentence. Police entered client's home and testified that he admitted that kilo of cocaine that was found on kitchen table was his. Thin Blue Line defense used.

  • Script wrire for Miami Vice acquitted of fifteen year minimum mandatry drug offense. Drugs found in client's hotel room were attributed to a third party and client's celebrity status was used as defense.

  • Suppressed multiple kilos of drugs leading to dismissal of distribution charges and return of all assets to client to company executive.

  • Stalking case dismissed against company executive after forensics analysis of cell phone and text messaging service revealed computerized duplication of toll records in effort to frame client.

  • Vacated conviction of two brothers serving fifteen year minimum mandatory sentenced based upon constitutional defect in jury waiver.

  • Vacated twenty year old felony bail jumping conviction for company executive based upon defective plea colloquy.

  • Vacated marijuana distribution charge so that client was no longer considered a career offender in federal court. Instead of receiving a fifteen year sentence, he was released for time served.

  • Vacated twenty year old DWI so that third offense was now considered a first offense based upon a statutory technicality. Client was given a CWOF.

  • After second degree murder conviction reversed, negotiated a manslaughter plea that resulted in client's immediate release.

  • First degree murder charges dismissed after investigation demonstrated client was not shooter.

  • Rape charges against employee for law firm dismissed after interstate investigation showed that "victim" had fabricated charges against client to retaliate based upon personal reasons.

  • Assault and battery charges dismissed after Court ruled that totem pole hearsay presented to clerk was procedurally "Kafkaesque."

  • Arson prosecution dropped after defense expert convinced prosecutor that fire was not of suspicious origin.

  • Hit and run case against doctor dropped after prosecutor convinced that client technically made himself "known" unpon learning of accident.

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